Favelous Canteen

DIY-dining & culinary workshops

Favelous was a pop-up bamboo restaurant located on the ground floor of Mediamatic Fabriek. It is run by Andrea Sossi and Robert Bochove. They organized several workshops. People learned to make their own pasta, risotto or fresh sausages, fine dine picknick-style, or enjoyed an elaborate lunch with the whole family. Andrea and Robert believe in affordable, healthy and seasonable food. There goal was not just to serve food, but teach you how to prepare it yourself.


Favelous lunch - Lunch by favelous during symposium EnergiekeStad Erik Diekstra

Describe your plan in depth.

In a boat house, around a table of delicious food cooked by chefs Andrea Sossi and Robert Bochove (f@ff), the members of favelous came with the idea to create a bamboo restaurant at Freezing Favela! This would be the new meeting place where Christel van Calsteren and Barak Oserovitz (WE MAKE HUMMUS) along with Ifigeneia Dilaveraki (Open Cooking Platform) and (f@ff) would host their cooking activities! Unfortunately, Ifigeneia Dilveraki was not able to develop the Open Cooking Platform due to a shortage in manpower. Christel van Calsteren en Barak Oserovitz got the opportunity to open up their own store and therefore are not able to participate in the favelous project any longer.

Design of bamboo structure: Ifigeneia Dilaveraki Bamboo construction expertise and realisation: Christoph Tönges (CONBAM) in cooperation with Elena Goray Construction team: Andrea Sossi, Robert Bochove, Christel van Calsteren, Barak Oserovitz, Ifigeneia Dilaveraki, Christoph Toenges, Elena Goray, Peter Cornelis, Jessica Camphens.