Interactive websites

Social networks, knowledge management and online community building.

Mediamatic Lab specialises in creating tailor-made interactive websites. Websites that facilitate interaction and social networking between your visitors, and provide an excellent way to engage your audience with your organisation or project. Our sites are community-oriented and form virtual meeting spaces where visitors can create a personal profile and share knowledge, content, and stories with like-minded people. Other visitors can then expand on this information to provide added context. For examples of some of our current work, please refer to our portfolio of active projects.

Our interactive sites have all kinds of smart modules with which organisations can quickly and effectively communicate with their audience. Our intuitive Content Management System (CMS), AnyMeta, makes it easy for your visitors to add content to the website. This facilitates the rise of an open site where both you and your audience co-create content.

All our sites run on Anymeta, a user-friendly and consistent CMS that we have developed, and will keep developing ourselves. The core technology of this CMS provides a basic framework for our websites, and from that we tweak and customise according to your wishes. By working this way, we are able to deliver high quality and unique websites in a relatively short amount of time. If you want to know more about our CMS, we have a lot more information about Anymeta.

If you’d like to find out how we can help your organisation, feel free to contact us.