I am not what I am

Tourist 04: An artist's talk by Hassan Khan

12 Nov 2009

Hassan Khan is an artist, musician and writer. He lives and works in Cairo, Egypt.
At Mediamatic he presented I am not what I am, an associative talk.

" In this relationship I do not want to inhabit the position of someone who will explain himself. Or explain his work. Reasons do not really exist. And explanations are always about something else."

The talk was followed by an open discussion with the participants.


Hassan Khan - I am not what I am Jans Possel


In this associative talk the artist strings together a series of textual fragments, questions, statements and propositions in relation to his practice. This is an attempt at finding a form to discuss the artists practice without resorting to linear chronologies or tired explanations.

Previous venues include: ENSBA (Beaux-Arts), Paris / Goldsmith, London / American University in Cairo / Passage 35, Cairo / 4th Homeworks Forum, Beirut / Guest Corner at FHNW Basel / and most recently at the "something you should know" seminar held at the EHESS in Paris.

On Thursday 12 November, from 20:00 hrs at Mediamatic BANK.