Plant Engine

Renewable energies of the year 500 B.C. Plant Engine

This proposal did not evolve into a project

Plant Engine - sadra

Maybe the Favela needs a Museum, even though this project still could improve and develop to something else.

The project: Representation of a museum, presenting some conceptual products based of sustainable energies. Installation (animation - products - print) In an era of climate change and global warming, scientists today believe there were predecessors of Sustainable Energy in the year approximately 500 B.C. There is not enough information about these eccentric apparatuses and their circumstances since their inventors stopped or altered their way of developing. However, it is definite that the plant as an inevitable part of nature played the most significant role in their process. Inventors came up with a mechanism which was a combination of a plant and an engine.

They have used the main natural phenomenons wind, solar, etc. as Sustainable Energies to transform through a natural process to new sources of energy. They also realized that Sugar is the main source of energy for the human body. As they comprehended the process of photosyntheses, they could produce Glucose.

Well, some more ideas and comments to see if it needs to change or develop... or maybe it's not fit at all ...