GEZİ a city Symphony

A musical reflection of the amazing Gezi protests in Turkey.

16 Nov 2013

GEZİ a city Symphony is a concert project with ca 70 volunteer participants. Amateur and professional musicians and singers joining this project to support the democracy and human rights in Turkey.


Drums at the City Symphony - with participants of the PARK project

With: Selim Doğru

The musicians and choir members performed on different spots of the city and walked to Dam Square by playing their instruments or singing. At the same time piano started playing at Dam. They arrived to Dam one by one and joined the piano playing the new composed music by Selim Doğru. A new music based on a melody which is made anonymously during the protests.

When all the participants arrived the second part of the program started with existing protest songs from Turkey related to the Gezi protests. Also, international guests performed songs from their countries.

Date: Saturday 16 November 2013, 12:30 - 14:00h

For more info, look also at the Facebook Event.