Proposal park


How is it to be done?


• To begin the organic process of PARK becoming a totally free platform, in the spirit of Gezi Park.

• To create the conditions for a community who can take responsibility for the organization of the totality of the project;
autonomously, free of hegemony, and truly as a community.

• To create a structure to include more people; to make it of critical importance for everybody to support every part of the project, to share the responsibility for every outcome amongst the whole community.

• To get rid of the individual in the community. To get rid of the destructive, self-important, alienating & authoritarian ego—to become anonymous.

• To begin building a physical infrastructure for an independent, multi-functioning space.

• To set up a set of experimental structures implying different uses of the space, by everybody, without a distinction between public and participant.

• To fill the space with material and activity, as the only way to inspire action.

• Everything is interactive.

• Everything is material to work with.

• Everything is symbolic.

• Everything can be changed.

NB: If we want to achieve the free platform which MEDIAMATIC has promised, we must first reach a common understanding to be able to realize anything. We must work together, to be able truly collaborate, to communicate transparently. Which means being open with every process; including everything pertaining to space and money. Namely; the source of the funds, what it should facilitate in relation to PARK, its present + future allocation for the duration of the entire project, and what labor is paid for and unpaid within the set monetary structure we willfully enter. The most basic of these questions will be asked of us if we work with demonstrators in Istanbul and elsewhere. Thus we must be informed, everything made transparent!

See below for the structure of ideas generated so far & proposed plan to begin with the work.


246031-1000-664 -



•‘Carpet’; roll of green carpet as a symbol & multi-functioning practical use.
a symbolic gesture of laying the ‘ground’ of the park & appropriating the space
a pragmatic material which is good to sit on, easy to roll/unroll/cut to use in different situations [beginning with 150m2, as a test, to see how it functions, with the option to get more, if necessary]

•‘Staircase/steps’; foam structure, minimalist sculpture.
a modular design for stairs for people to sit on, take apart, otherwise use to; read, rest, meet, discuss, block off, etc.

•‘Exhibition space’ + 'Stage'; flexible structures using wood sheets + 'zachtboard' + pallets.
raw materials brought into the space which can be built up as needed, suggest different functions and uses, which can be re-distributed throughout the space whenever necessary, adapted to different situations, events, etc.

•‘Archive’; symbolic & personal objects, artifacts, artworks, etc.
an inclusive format which invites everybody to physically bring things into the space. an flat structure for installing meaningful or narrative objects, readymade or unique objects throughout the space. ie. a playground, tents, a brick, a barricade.

•‘Library’ + 'Info room'; structures for all types of media.
books, publications, newspapers, clippings, printed information, films, etc.
brought into the space by everybody. to inform, read, watch; to build a network of relations between all types of subjects & ideas and PARK. materials which are relevant to both GEZI & PARK.

•‘Office’ + ‘Mail room’;
structure for helping/supporting people
structure for sending and receiving materials to/from Turkey
ie. find a lawyer for a displaced person ('office'); 100 gasmasks sent to Istanbul ('mail room')

•‘Banner printer’; plotter printer + canvas & paper rolls
to move MEDIAMATIC’s plotter printer into the exhibition space, to make a production space. as a service rendered+monumental banners printed for use ie. in demonstrations in Netherlands or sent to Turkey & installed in the space.

•ALL other proposals & future proposals; to keep open the possibility of new ideas, new projects. that everything must be able to change...
- more people will get involved
- more material will be brought in
- more projects will be realized


• 1st week September;
MEDIAMATIC buy/ship, otherwise have available, the following raw materials into the (empty) space:
- 150m2 green carpet (~4eur p/m2)
- 100m2 wood pallets (~5eur p/m2)
- 20 multiflex (wood) plates, 18mm thick (~20eur/each)
- 10 'zachtboard' (pinboard) plates, 10mm thick (~20eur/each)
- canvas+paper rolls for plotter printer
- min. 1 extra projector in the space (to be installed eye-level)
- 1 empty fridge (for use of PARK workers)
- white paint (vakverf), rollers, brushes
- tools (drills, handtools, etc)
- building assistants
- transport (truck/van)

• 2 week build/production; all parts find their first, most symbolic form;
- stages/platforms built
- steps built/installed
- printer/canvas+paper rolls installed + first set of banners produced/installed on walls+floor+built structures
- library+info room initial structure set-up
- first round of found materials transported & installed throughout the space
- first set of personal and symbolic objects/artifacts sourced, shipped & installed throughout the space
- carpet rolled out

• Last week September; 1st public event ('opening')
- performances TBD; in relation to each part
- space full of people from our own networks + MEDIAMATIC network/invited guests


Starting (material) costs, all approx.;
EPS foam (for steps); 1000eur
Carpet; 600eur
Pallets; 500eur
Wood; 400eur
Pinboard; 200eur
Canvas+paper rolls+ink; 250eur
Paint; 100eur

'Mail room' shipping (to/from Turkey); TBD
'Archive' transport (within Netherlands); TBD
'Library' + 'Info room' media; TBD
Invited guests from Istanbul; TBD
Everything else; TBD

NB: This proposal represents the beginning, and as such can not be planned beyond this first stage which we have outlined. It is the bringing in of material & possibilities into the space which merely suggests the breadth of what can actually be realized.



We have spoken with many, and have yet to still speak with many more. Everybody who we have already spoken to is supporting the project.

We suggest to meet once more on Monday or Tuesday (before the general meeting) if you have any specific questions or require any more clarification.