Sex and the Pee

Pis'Talk 6: exploring the curious world of Golden Showers

31 Mar 2016

What happens when two of the most intimate experiences come together? Join us on Thursday March 31 as we discuss the curious and controversial subject of sexuality and urine. Listen to insightful talks by an artist who observes the toilet as the origin of sexuality, a sexologist specialised in fetish habits too, and a neuroscience researcher and practising BDSM Mistress. Be ready to challenge your taboos as we explore water sports.

Join us! Drinks and food from 18:00, talks at 20:00.
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Goldfication - Lisanne Groenewoud

Joel Staffeleu: the perspective of a sexologist

Pee in combination with sex can be a turn off for some people and a turn on for others. Why is that? And what actually is squirting? What does urolagnia mean? Joel Staffeleu is a psychologist and sexologist who specialised in fetishes.

He joins us to give a scientific explanation regarding the pissing practice and defines the role played by urine in sexual habits from his professional point of view.


Joel Staffeleu - Psychologist and sexologist elaborating about the G-spot and squirting Lisanne Groenewoud

Kalyss Mercury and the science of kink

Kalyss Mercury is a BDSM Mistress and a neuroscience researcher with a degree in Psychology from Princeton University. She has recently graduated with the Master thesis The Science of Kink. Through her studies she wants to demonstrate how life can be easier with a little bit of fetishism. Her passion for the practice of pissing (one of her top 5 fetishes) and her academic knowledge about it creates an unique combination you won't want to miss hearing about.


Kalyss Mercury during her Piss'Talk - Kalyss Mercury telling personal stories during the 6th Piss'Talk Lisanne Groenewoud

Mischa Badasyan's Piss Manifest

The toilet is the origin of our sexuality. A central place for the denudation of our bodies. This is the opening of the Piss Manifest, a work by the Berlin-based artist Mischa Badasyan. After more than two years of observation of public toilets, Mischa developed a typology listing 38 kinds of male public toilet visitors. Do you recognise yourself in one of them? What does this say about your sexual habits?


Mischa Badasyan - Mischa Badasyan elaborating on his Piss Manifest Lisanne Groenewoud


Pis’ Talk 6: Sex and the Pee
Thursday, March 31st
Drinks and food from 18:00, talk at 20:00
Biotoop Mediamatic, Dijksgracht 6, Amsterdam
Tickets: Pre-sale €7,50 / Door: €10,- / Students €5,-
- food excluded

This evening is part of the We Are Public program. It is not possible to reserver tickets anymore.

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