Workshop: Golden Joinery

Repair your clothes with a golden thread

22 Jun 2014

Your favourite blouse with a tear of despair is no longer a loss. It can be part of the Golden Joinery Collection. Each garment of this collection has a unique, beautiful golden scar. During this workshop you can fix your own beloved, damaged or strained, garments with a golden tread and therewith participate in the brand.


Golden Joinery inspiration - A collection of repaired clothes with a golden thread

With: Painted

"There's a crack in everything, that's where the light comes in." (Leonard Cohen)

Golden Joinery is an initiative by the fashion collective Painted. The project sprang from the ancient Japanese repair technique Kintsugi, where broken pottery was mended with gold. Beauty and value was added by the reparation. Touched by the love of this kind of imperfect beauty, Painted translate this ancient principle to fashion. They have a strong wish to connect people more with the clothes they wear.


Kintsugi - A Japanese repairing technique for broken pottery.

More information

The workshop starts at 13:00. A ticket for the workshop costs €10, or €5 for Mediamatic members. If you like to join the workshop, send an email to

The event takes place during Martin Butlers week of Lightness. With a ticket for Golden Joinery, you can also visit Fays, fairies, faeries and other magical creatures.
Location: Mediamatic, VOC-kade 10, Oostenburg Amsterdam.