Grow your own mushrooms!

Workshop on cultivating oyster mushrooms

15 Nov 2014

Besides the fact they are delicious and nutritious, there is much more to discover about mushrooms and fungi. Some people even claim that they will help humanity save the world! Here at Mediamatic we explore the use of fungi as a source of new natural bio-materials. So if you are an artist or designer looking to grow your own material, join our workshop for only €25,00!


Oyster Mushrooms - Mushrooms coming out of the growing bag. Amy Claire Elizabeth Galbraith

Why Oyster mushrooms?

Oyster mushrooms are delicious. You could buy them, but why not learn how grow your own? The Oyster Mushroom is one of the 'easier' mushrooms to cultivate. It grows into beautifully shaped fruit bodies and is both nutritious and delicious. This workshop explains the ins and outs of mushroom cultivation at home.

What will you do?

The workshop is lead by Antoni Gandia and takes place in Mediamatic Factory. First we will pasteurize the substrate in order to prevent moulds and contaminant bacteria growing between our mushrooms. Then, in the cleanroom, we will inoculate the substrate with mushroom spawn. Meanwhile Antoni will tell you everything about mushroom cultivation and its endless possibilities. Finally you take home your own growing bag. The mycelial network needs some time to colonize the substrate, after which it will start growing its fruits, your very own cultivated mushrooms.


Workshop member taking a photo of magic mushrooms. - Mediamatic works with medicinal, edible and entheogenic mushrooms. Amy Claire Elizabeth Galbraith


In order to do contamination-free experiments with fungi and other living organisms Mediamatic built a mobile clean lab. During the workshop you will work in this semi-professional lab learning the basics of the aseptic working techniques.


Ni and Joyce inspect their growing bag. - Mycelium can be a source of inspiration for artists and designers. Amy Claire Elizabeth Galbraith


13.00 - 15.00
Mediamatic Fabriek, VOC-kade 10
Tickets: €25
Please notice this workshop will be thaught in English