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13-10-1993 Cover of "Doors of Perception 1" cd-rom

Doors of Perception 1 Conference by the Netherlands Design Istitute. DoPRom produced by Mediamatic IP 30-31 October 1993. This interactive CD-ROM covers the events of the Doors of Perception conference. Together with the Netherlands Design Institute, Mediamatic organized DoP 1: a groundbreaking conference with leading thinkers from the world of graphic and industrial design, architecture, information technology, philosophy, computer science, business and media. They came together to research the cultural and economic challenges of interactivity, the role of design in transforming information into knowledge, the challenges of 'smart objects' and 'smart spaces', etc. The CD-ROM received wide recognition: it won the "Meta Design Award" at the Digital World/Interactive Media Festival in Los Angeles in 1995. 30-31 October 1993.