Daniel Parnitzke

The recipe

14. November 2014

As a basic brewing recipe the "Lärcherlschas" was used, a Bock beer from Austria, found on www.maischemalzundmehr.de.


Brewing setup - This is how we brewed in front of the Mediamatic Cleanroom Daniel Parnitzke

In total 33l of brewing water were used, 17l of fluid were left in the end to ferment now inside the brewing bucket.
The cooking and boiling took around 3 hours.

Brewing water

total: 33l

Hauptguss: 17l
Nachguss: 16l


total: 6kg

Basic Pilsener Malt: 5 kg (83,3%)
Aroma Malt: 1 kg (16.7%)


total: 70 min

begin at 60°C
1. 56°C for 10 min
2. 63°C for 35 min
3. 75ºC for 25 min
remove at 78°C


duration: 90 min

Hop: 45g for 90 min
biological Honey: 500g for 10 min


Yeast: 10g Pils / Lager Yeast
temperature: 12ºC - 15ºC

Duration: 19 days

Important: Let the brew cool down to around 30 °C before adding the yeast. Otherwise the yeast gets killed!