Daniel Parnitzke

Mistakes after brewing

22. November 2014

Things that went wrong. How to cope with that.

4 days after brewing no visible reaction or sign of fermentation could be seen. It was obviuos that something went wrong.

After some research it became clear that the yeast was killed directly after pouring in due to the high temperature of 90°C of the brew.

A new bag of yeast was ordered, Arsegan Biergist Westcoast IPA - APA 20g, a famous yeast from the US, that is working between 14°C and 25°C.

One week after boiling the brough for the first time, the bucket was opened to check the smell of the brew.
Then a second mistkae was discovered, the pantyhose filled with hops has not been removed yet.

The smell was okay, but to prevent possible contamination the brew was boiled again for more than 1 hour.
Therefore 2l of fresh water were added, afterwards a total of 15l remained.

Next step was cooling down to room temperature, then 20g of yeast were added. It instantly started smelling and the yeast began to work. Here are pictured the 5 minutes after pouring in the yeast.


Yeast in Cereal Brough - 20g of yeast poured in the cooled down cereal brough for starting the fermentation process. Daniel Parnitzke


Yeast after 5 minutes - 5 minutes after pouring in the yeast to the cereal brough. Daniel Parnitzke


Yeast being activated - Brewing yeast being activated after being poured in cereal brough. 1 picture every minute. Daniel Parnitzke