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Stager Web-User Account

This is the account you will use to buy tickets for events. Visitors of events will also make a similar account when they buy a ticket.


Log-in screen web user account Stager -

Activating your Stager Web-User Account I

  1. Go to
  2. Click on forgot password.
  3. Fill in your Mediamatic email address, click on rest.
  4. You'll receive a reset link for your password in your Mediamatic Gmail.
  5. Go to your Mediamatic Gmail.
  6. Click on the reset link.
  7. You can now set your password, please also fill out as many details as possible, and do not forget your mobile phone number.

Activating your Stager Web-User Account II: filling out details in the Stager backstage

  1. Login to Stager with your admin account at
  2. Go to the top row, click on Marketing.
  3. In the left column click search and fill in your name (first and last name).
  4. You now get your search results, click on your own name.
  5. You now get to see your full profile, which you can edit, please fill out a secondary non Mediamatic e-mail address.

Setting up your Stager Web-User Account

Go to

Click “Maak een account aan” / “register”

Fill in ALL details. Use your mediamatic mail as default e-mail address.
You can add your personal email later

Click: Next

You will now see the “please confirm box” popping up.
Go to your e-mail inbox and confirm your subscribtion

You are now the proud owner of a Stager Web-User Account!

Under the section “My Shifts” you can find all of your upcoming shifts.

My tickets

After you made the account on Stager you can go to, click on an event you will like to attend, go to 'tickets' and you will be redirected to Stager. On your first day the Office Manager will give you the rights to purchase free staff tickets to events and an extra guest ticket for free if you want to bring a friend.

You can also go to, login and select buy tickets, you'll now see all tickets for all available events.