The Anomalies

Fashion presentation by Vita Stasiukynaite

20 Oct 2016

Fashion designer Vita Stasiukynaite will present her new collection in the Aquaponics Greenhouse. Vita brings a reflection upon values and standards in the collective imaginary by bringing a parallel between the food industry and fashion.

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Fashion presentation by Vita Stasiukynaite - Fashion presentation by Vita Stasiukynaite at the Aquaponics Greenhouse. Anisa Xhomaqi

About the collection

Struck by the feeling that vegetables and fruits look like they are wearing uniforms on supermarket shelves, Vita investigates the effect globalization and industrialization of the food industry not only affects our taste and behavior but our identity as well. Not only our expectations and conditioning lead us to expect harmony of shape and color, intactness, and corporative models for the food we eat and the clothes we wear, but even to adhere to one standardized look, rejecting the unexpected and deformed.

Creating deconstructed traditional tailored suits, Vita highlights structure imperfections and disruptions to celebrate the abnormal. Her creations invite the audience to reconcile with the wonky and the misshapen and encourage us to think outside the norm. In the unique and organic greenhouse Aquaponics at Mediamatic, the individual and unusual perception of the designer intends to defeat our formal and conditioned appreciation.

'Permanent Global Summer Time'

Totally distanced from natural life and the environment, urban citizens tend to be fascinated by the mere fact that vegetables actually grow from the earth. Our relation to them is based on the vital need of feeding, on the pleasure of taste, and in some measure in responsible choices concerning our health. However, in a discrete but certain way, vegetables, fruits, and roots have become a crucial piece in a globalized, standardized, and uniform world. We expect their shape, color, and consistency to be the same, safe breeds from the same model and a marketed product in which we trust. Bananas as we know and like them are to be silky, seedless, and sweet, can be found anywhere in the world, at any time of the year. This purely commercial and marketing phenomenon has been created by the food industry and called 'Permanent Global Summer Time'. Not only variety is willingly sacrificed for convenience, branding, and unity, but this constant seek for ideal directly affects our living choices, personality, and identity. We forget how anomalies, varieties of colors, curves, contours, and taste are what makes every element unique, and our relation to it as well.

Text Olivia Lorrain


Aquaponics Fashion Show - Models walking and picking flowers and herbs at the Aquaponics Greenhouse as part of "The Anomalies" fashion presentation by Vita Stasiukynaite. Anisa Xhomaqi

The Anomalies
Thursday 20 October
18:00 - 19:30
Free Entrance
Mediamatic Aquaponics, Dijkspark 6, Amsterdam