1 Jan 2003

Steven Roberts


Since 1983 Steven Roberts has been developing toolsets for scape, becoming a public symbol of network-enabled freedom.

Roberts started his career as tech-maniac in the 60's in Kentucky, were he was radio operator. In 1974 he started up Cybertronics, a digital consulting business and built one of the first 8008-based microcomputers. In 1983 he set-off his career as network pioneer to start a bicycle trip around the United States. From 1983 to 1991 Roberts covered 17,000 miles on the Behemoth, a bike equiped with a 72 watts solar pannel that runned two computers (a PC and a Macintosh) with a satellite net connection. The bike is now at the Computer History Museum in Sillicon Valley .

In 1993 he started up the Microship Project, a marine version of the Behemoth together with the University of California. The Microship Project has been in continous development since then; firstly together with the University of California and then in the Camano Island, in Washington. Ten years after the initiation of the project the Microship could start its first expedition.