Neuro Museumnight

4 Nov 2023

Do you ever feel bothered by yourself? A lot or just a little? Come to Mediamatic to assess yourself together with a diverse team of artists. Surrender, let our experts help you and maybe you'll win a great diagnosis! Jump ahead on the waitlist or just skip a few turns for a V.I.P. low-stimuli experience.


Audience participating in Anna Gimbrere's Bef Quiz - At Beftival  during Museumnacht 2021 science journalist  Anna Gimbrere  puts the audience's sex knowledge to the test by hosting the Bef Quiz. Caroline Aravicius

During Museum Night 2023, Mediamatic will transform into a live self-test "board game“. It will be an evening where you can explore these questions individually or together with other people: How different am I and do I belong anywhere? Don't worry, there will also be a bar for normal people!

This evening is part of the A/artist Program at Mediamatic.

Framework by Jam van der Aa, curators Willem Velthoven and Annelies Doom i.c.w. Artistic Research.