Meneer Wateetons


Meneer Wateetons - Meneer Wateetons showing his skills in the Mediamatic kitchen. Found here.

Meneer Wateetons is an experimental cook, making sausages, fermenting and smoking. He is the curator of Mediamatic Zuursalon and author of 'Over Rot', a book that is dedicated to the art of fermentation.

Meneer Wateetons is a humble man and is a self-confessed terrible cook, who presents badly formatted plates and knows outrageously little about wine. However, when he experiments, this all changes.

Meneer Wateetons says that he prefers food that you can just buy in the supermarket for cheap, preferably from the bottom shelf, and be prepared with minimum effort. He has a good sense of humour.

As a PhD scientist, he is both inquisitive and skeptical by nature and carries these traits over into the culinary aspect of his life. His books and other pieces are characterised by a sound scientific basis, a humorous writing style and an indestructible can-do attitude.

Meneer Wateetons is the author of four books, as well as blog posts and magazine articles. He is now also the curator of Mediamatic's Zuursalon.

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