Fermenting Fish

Zuursalon: Friday 17th of June, 20:30

Fermentation, decay, mould. These are all terms that sound unappetising, yet form the base of many delicious foods. Coming Zuursalon we'll explore one of the more extreme ferments: rotting fish. Bianca Snoek (Nordic Delikatesser) lets us taste the traditional surströmming. Jeroen van Wieren brings the European 'Garum' fish sauce 'Colatura di alibi di Catera'. Alice de Jong (Tokowijzer) gives a historical overview of the many regional differences and Pieter Kaptein and Geert Dekens share their wish to produce a Vietnamese style sauce from residual fish products.

Zuursalon is curated by Meneer Wateetons, author Over Rot.

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Surströmming in a can - This fermented sour haring is a delicacy in the Nordic region. The fish is fermented for over 6 months leading to a distinct scent and flavour. Image by: Mats Fallqvist from county museum Gävleborg

Coming up

June 16 - Biotalk: Tune in to the Non-Human / Tickets
Sensorial extensions or how to use antenna, algae or bacteria to interact with our surroundings. Talks and demo by: Paul Seidler, Dewi de Vree & Patrizia Ruthensteiner and Cateringa & Kompanen.

June 17 - Workshop: How to make Kimchi / Tickets
Start fermenting, redesign your cabbage and learn how to make kimchi the traditional way.

June 25 - Workshop: Brew your own beer / Tickets
Step into the world of fermentation by producing your own batch of beer. You wil not only learn about milling, mashing, hops and yeast. But you will also try out some special Myco Brewery Beers and gain better understanding of the potential of the used ingredients.

Mediamatic Biotoop,
Dijkspark 6, Amsterdam

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