Me and Chef Watson

Neo Futurist Dinner 01 - A gastronomical battle between human and machine

12 jul 2017
15 jul 2017

If it was up to Chef Watson your dining experience would be completely algorithmically established. Ingredients and preparation alike: the steps would be based on computer logic. But when human Margriet Craens follows the recipes with a intuitive attitude, a true clash between algorithmic reasoning and human seasoning is brought about. At this first Neo-Futurist Dinner the confrontation between computer app and man-made cuisine is served on your plate.

Dinner is ready at 19:30 every day.

Tickets: Wednesday 12 July (sold out) Thursday 13 July (sold out) | Friday 14 July | Saturday 15 July


Neo-Futurist Dinners

Neo-Futurist Dinners is a new programme line at Mediamatic, in which the world of food, art and science are brought together. During these gastronomical experiences, you will be engulfed in a multi-sensory dinner scene, being served food in all colours and shapes in the most unexpected ways.

For the first edition, Margriet Craens joins forces with Chef Watson and invite you to taste the results of this thoughtful collaboration, resulting in a seven-course dinner (drinks included). During the dinner, Chef Watson will gladly share information about the meals and you can also ask it whatever comes to your mind. It will be an evening that is algorithmic seasoned for man and cyborg alike!


Me and Chef Watson - Me and Chef Watsons explores the dynamics between artificial intelligence and manmade cuisine. Margriet Craens

Margriet Craens

Margriet Craens is a multi-disciplinary artist and writer based in Eindhoven, experimenting with art, design, food, and culture. Margriet is one of the creative minds behind the 70% BAR and The Fat Pony, where she explored the boundaries and intersections between the restaurant and art world.


Asking questions to Chef Watson - Anisa Xhomaqi

Chef Watson

Chef Watson is an artificial-intelligence cooking app by I.B.M. (International Business Machines Corporation), the American multinational technology company that manufactures hardware, middleware and software. The app allows you to create unconventional recipes based on scientific reasoning.


Tasting ingredients while listening to Chef Watson - Anisa Xhomaqi


Me and Chef Watson at STRP 2017 - Me and Chef Watsons explores the dynamics between artificial intelligence and manmade cuisine. Picture taken at STRP 2017. Hanneke Wetzer


Chef Watson takes good care of its guests. If you have questions or want to inform us about allergies, send an e-mail to:


Futurist Dinner No.1
12-13-14-15 July
Dinner starts at 19:30 and ends at 22:30
Mediamatic, Dijkspark 6, 1019 BS Amsterdam

Tickets for one evening (price incl. drinks): Pre-sale €65,- | Students €45,-
Wednesday 12 JulyThursday 13 July | Friday 14 July | Saturday 15 July

Project by: Margriet Craens in collaboration with Chieri Higa
Concept development: Lucas Maassen
Direction: Lisah Baert
Project commission: STRP



Neo-Futurist Dinner Panorama - Anisa Xhomaqi