Workshop: Advanced Kimchi Making

Hipster food for Experts

24 mrt 2018

The more experienced Kimchi-maker knows that in Korean Culture, Kimchi is far more than just a dish. There are many more possible recipes than the traditional Kimchi made from napa cabbage. If you want to dive deeper into fermentation and are looking for more serious knowledge on how to work with Microbes, join this workshop for new Kimchi recipes and an answer to your more advanced fermentation-questions.

Note: this workshop is open for people who already have basic Kimchi-knowledge and who want to dive deeper in the different techniques.

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The process of making Kimchi - Margherita Soldati

About Kimchi

When you mix vegetables and seasonings, and the mix produces beneficial elements such as Lactobacilli through the process of fermentation, it can then be called kimchi. In Korean culture, refined food is about the aesthetics of mixing. Kimchi is a way to easily process and store food for months through the winter. 

Slow Food

Aside from its health benefits and being rich in vitamins, Kimchi is a big part of Korean culture, and every region has its own recipe. It is the perfect example of slow food: it can last for months indefinitely before going bad, and the taste mostly grows better after time. Now the popularity of Kimchi rising all over the world and the dish has been baptized 'hipster food'. Hipster or not is for you to decide.

Advanced Kimchi Makers

This workshop is open to the more experienced Kimchi-maker. To adjust the workshop to your own level, from 14:00 until 15:00, Marrit will hold a walk-in consultation moment for which you are welcome to share your questions, or bring your own fermentation experiment or treasure. Walk in for some shared troubleshooting and taste-testing of your own batch, or for some one-on-one fermentation-talk.  

What will you do during the workshop?

In the beginning of the workshop, Marrit will adjust the level of expertise with the group. Depending on that you will do a selective tasting of different kinds of Kimchi to get an idea of the huge variety like Shiso leaf kimchi, cucumber kimchi and reddish kimchi. Then it's time to get your hands dirty and try out new and different recipes for yourself. Finally you will take home your own batch of kimchi with white surplus cabbage that is ready to ferment.


Workshop: Advanced Kimchi Making
Saturday 24 March 
14:00 - 15:00, walk-in consultation hour
15:00 - 17:30, workshop
Mediamatic Biotoop, Dijkspark 6, Amsterdam.
Tickets: Students €15,- / Regular €20,-  (incl. administration fee)

The workshop will take about 2,5 hours and includes 30 minutes break.