The Smell That Sells

Odorama 35 - with Cretien van Kampen, Jorg Hempenius, Rick Schifferstein, and Niklaus Mettler

22 nov 2019
In the field of sensory marketing, scents are a goldmine. Are we perhaps seduced by designers to spend extra money on otherwise mundane experiences? Can we ignore these well-designed smells, or do they trigger our minds involuntarily?

Cretien van Kampen and Jorg Hempenius will delve into the tactics used to target the consumer, researcher Rick Schifferstein and designer Niklaus Mettler clue us in to the action. Who knows, maybe we will learn to save some money next time when we are out shopping.

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Car Smell - During the Workshop The Scent of Amsterdam: Distilling Odors of an Urban Landscape, public was asked to divide in couple and explore the city through the smell. Margherita Soldati


Smell marketing is part of sensory marketing. There is an increasingly professional level of manipulation by means of designed olfactory stimuli - precisely focusing on the rather imprecise medium of scent. Of course, a sale will not be made just by smell, but the scent can have a direct effect on a consumer's decision.

This edition of Odorama is curated by Sanne Groeneveld and Caro Verbeek. Odorama is a concept by head curator Caro Verbeek and a collaboration with co-curators Frank Bloem and Sanne Groeneveld.

Cretien van Kampen

An expert on the Proust Effect, Cretien van Kampen's lecture will give insight into the way that well-timed, well-directed scents can be the tipping point for the consumer.

Jorg Hempenius

One of the most luxurious hotels in Amsterdam, l'Europe, has its patrons waking up the the subtle, synthetic smell of coffee. This being one of Jorg Hempenius' projects, he will shed light on this phenomenon of scent marketing. 

Rick Schifferstein

With his study focusing on taste interactions, and his work on consumer behaviour for food products, Dr. Schifferstein's talk will show us the other side of sensory marketing: the consumer's side. 

Niklaus Mettler

Niklaus Mettler's works are olfactory works are known for being inspired by locations. His work with smell identities will round off the evening, bringing all the lectures into perspective.


Odorama: The Smell that Sells
Friday, the 22nd of November
Start 20.00
Mediamatic Biotoop, Dijksgracht 6, Amsterdam
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