Visit Pending Xenophora

with Mari Bastashevski and non/human partners

20 aug 2022
4 sep 2022

Pending Xenophora is created by Mari Bastahsevski together with non/human partners. Through creating, setting up and exhibiting Pending Xenophora, Mari offers curious insight into the collaboration between humans, animals, and new media technology in speculative world-making. 

Pending Xenophora is a multi-layered virtual world designed together with a rout of garden snails. Inside, the world is populated with not yet categorized species from the archive of the London Natural History Museum. With each visit, you explore different worlds and release all kinds of beings. The artwork provides an environment for non-competitive and non-hierarchical relationships, and invites non/human ideas in the practice of world-building. 

By purchasing a ticket, you can hear how to design with animals, see the snail orchestra live and explore an ever-changing world of Pending Xenophora

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Mari Bastashevski. Garden snails, 2022. - Mari Bastashevski

What is Pending Xenophora? 

Pending Xenophora is a mixed-reality artwork situated inside an inflatable structure designed in collaboration with snails. The installation consists of multiple components which can be altered, reassembled, broken up into single artworks, or simplified. Currently installed at Mediamatic in Sluisdeurenlood, it is open for visitors to explore and visit by booking a slot. More information about the project is available on this page

What will you do? 

During your visit of Pending Xenophora, you will explore the virtual world through VR glasses inside the inflatable structure. Your visit will be guided by Mari Bastashevski, who will talk you through the artwork, explaining further its context and structure. After all, you will travel multiple virtual worlds of Pending Xenophora, initially releasing snails and freeing uncategorized beings. 


You can visit Pending Xenophora starting from the 20th of August until 4th of September 

Tuesday - Friday: time slots from 15:00 till 21:00

Saturday - Sunday: time slots from 12:00 till 18:00 


3.50€ including (non-alcoholic) drink 

Please read our ticket terms and conditions before purchasing your ticket.


  • your ticket includes hot or cold non-alcoholic drink from the bar at Mediamatic 
  • the duration of the time slot is 15 minutes; however, you may stay as much as you like/need to explore the artwork 
  • please be on time for your time slot
  • note that you will need to crawl as well as take off your shoes inside the inflatable bubble