Data Log

How SALTY is het Oosterdok?

According to our latest lab test, the salinity of het Oosterdok is:

EC (26/02/2024): 1.6 mS/cm (at 25°)            

Sodium concentration (26/02/2024): 168 PPM

Chloride concentration (26/02/2024): 277 PPM

Our daily measurements can be found in this spreadsheet. (Little headsup there is a lot of information: our daily measurements of the EC can be found in the tab EC log. The professional lab test results from our monthly samples can be found in the tab 'labtest canal water'). In the spreadsheet you can also find information about nutrient values in the greenhouse.

Want to know more?

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Daily water measurements

Another great source to learn about the salinity of the water in Amsterdam is the datalog of Rijkswaterstaat. Here you can find daily measurements of all kinds of water quality parameters including the salinity (geleidendheid) and chloride concentration.



Salinity measurements of Rijkswaterstaat - Daily measurements of salinity (geleidendheid & chloride concentratie) by Rijkswaterstaat ( source ).