Focaccia workshop

Make your own flatbread

28 apr 2013

Focaccia is a typical Italian oven-baked flatbread topped with basically whatever makes your mouth water. During this workshop chefs Andrea Sossi and Robert Bochove taught you how to prepare this simple but delicious food.


Focaccia - Picture found on Flickr, made by Anna Mayer.

More information

Workshop costs were €15,- (including a 4-week Club Mediamatic membership worth €5,-). Location: Mediamatic Fabriek, VOC-kade 10, Oostenburg Amsterdam.

Freezing Favela

Freezing Favela was a temporary city at Mediamatic Fabriek. The space is big, unheated, and the roof leaks. Designers, cooks, and other makers had claimed part of this space as their own. In the Favela you could make tosti's from scratch, paper from cow dung, furniture from cardboard, and cook with ingredients from the aquaponics farm. Favela-citizens gave workshops and organized events and meals.