Grain of Salt

The goal is simple. We want to stop using clean tapwater to irrigate the plants at Dijkspark and instead use a water source that may be considered unconventional: the canal. The common perception of canalwater is that it is dirty, dark and smelly. We are mostly concerned about the salt in this water, and its effects on our plants. This means we will have to learn what can and can't grow in a city that is becoming increasingly brackish. So let's envision the brackish garden of the future and save tapwater while doing so! Refer to our blog to read about our most recent findings.


Jip setting up the waterpump - Picture shot by Sandra Ruiz Castroviejo Sandra Ruiz Castroviejo

With: Jip Santen

This project is supported by Waterschap Amstel Gooi en Vecht.


Waternet - This project is funded by Waterschap Amstel, Gooi en Vecht