Museumnacht Amsterdam 2018

3 Nov 2018
4 Nov 2018

On November 3 we discover the Amsterdam museum night with all the senses except our eyes. Guide or be guided blindfolded through Mediamatic, and experience the most famous artworks in the dark. Taste different dishes that gain strength without sight, discover our new exhibitions with your hands and smell the future of the Navy Terrain!

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03-11-2018 Blindfolded couple eating one of our dishes from the menu - At the Amsterdam museum night 2018 people could witness BLIND, an exhibition were you could experience all the senses except with your eyes.  During the Museum Night we focused on people able to see but afterwards we organised the same program for the visually impaired. This way to could experience an art exhibition tailored to them. Maxim Damper

Invisible Collection

Have you ever wondered what it is like to not be able to see art? During the museumnight our Invisible Collection is launched. A collection of artworks told by Peter Vandermeersch, Dirk van Weelden, Valentijn Byvanck, Ann Demeester, Zeger Reyers, Maria Hlavajova, Charles Esche and Wim Pijbes. Listen to the first ones during the Museum Night. During the opening on the 3rd of November, a live version of the podcast is brought to you by Valentijn Byvanck and Dirk van Weelden. Close your eyes and open up to this unique art experience!

Blind ETEN

While you taste food primarily with your mouth, you experience it very differently without sight. For the Museum Night, culinary artist Asli Hatipoglu & our own Mediamatic chef Thorwald Voss prepared a series of dishes made for the senses, that gain strength without vision.


Geblinddoekte bezoekers op de Museumnacht - 2018 Tijdens de museumnacht 2018 konden bezoekers Mediamatic ontdekken met alle zintuigen behalve de ogen. Samen met culinair kunstenaar Asli Hatipoglu ontwikkelden we een menu dat zonder zicht aan kracht wint. Geblindoekt, aten bezoekers een speciaal samengesteld menu.  Een week later werd het programma nogmaals georganiseerd, maar ditmaal echt voor blinden en slechtzienden. Tia Torok

The Skin is an Extension of the Brain

The Skin Is An Extension Of The Brain is a collection of tactile installations. With these works, artist Margherita Soldati explores the relationship between visitors and space. Through textile manipulation and its application in architecture, your sense of touch will be stimulated. This creates a stronger relationship between people, space and the experience of our daily environment. 


Margherita Soldati in Passaggio - The Skin is an Extension of the Brain  is a collection of tactile installations inside the Mediamatic building that alter standard architectural elements in order to stimulate the sense of touch and to reflect on the behaviour of the visitors within the space. Tia Torok, Maxim Damper

'O' Tristana

Oysters are locked in their homemade houses. Once they have settled, they never move again. A sad thing, according to artist Zeger Reyers. No oyster is the same. The molluscs are too weak to keep shape after they are opened. For 'O' Tristana Zeger opened hundreds of oysters. This work makes the oyster that we can never see visible and tangible.


'O'Tristana up close - Tia Torok

With: Zeger Reyers

Inverted Soundwalk

Inverted Soundwalk is a portable installation by Natali Blugerman, a work of art that lets you go outside and listens to the sounds low on the ground. Sounds that we normally miss because our ears are so high on our bodies. Inverted Soundwalk connects your feet with your ears and makes you aware of your verticality.


Natali showing visitors her ground sounds hearing device - Maxim Damper

The perfume

After 360 years, the Navy Terrain opens up. We will get more space in the centre of Amsterdam. What can we do with this? There are many options. Five perfumers developed unique fragrances inspired by five options. Five tailor-made fragrances give expression to various prospective visions of the city. These scents are now exhibited at Mediamatic (Het Parfum). Step by to smell different options for the future of Amsterdam. Does your favourite smell match your favourite future? 


Prior to the Museumnacht, we are happy to invite you to the opening of two new exhibitions. On 3 November, from 5pm on, we’ll celebrate The Skin is an Extension of the Brain by Margherita Soldati, and 'O' Tristana by Zeger Reyers. Come along to touch, explore and celebrate these new works at Mediamatic. 

3 November 19:00 - 02:00
Mediamatic Biotoop, Dijksgracht 6, Amsterdam