Swapping Red

Swap all your red items

4 Nov 2012

Own a firetruck no one plays with? A Ferrari that's just gathering dust in your garage? On November 4 you could get together all your (more than 60%) redness and bring it to Ruilen, where you could exchange your red things for new red things. Secretly cherish Communist ideology? Your comrades could be brought along, and swapped for something or someone more productive. Monika returned the rosy glow to your cheeks with a nice massage.


Visitor is looking for clothes to swap - At Swapping Red during Ruilen exhibition Aleksandra Kalashnikova


The pants you can't put on alone, the games you always lose, the books that made you cry but no longer do, could all be exchanged for something new at Ruilen, our new exhibition and series of events. Social shopping without spending money. Click here for the categories within which you could trade. Ruilen also showed work by artists who question and narrate the practice of exchange.


Visitors are entering the exhibition - At Swapping Red Aleksandra Kalashnikova


Every Sunday we hosted swap-events. This Sunday we swapped anything and everything that's red.


Visitor is checking in - At Swapping Red event During Ruilen exhibition Aleksandra Kalashnikova

With: Lilian Stolk


Trying on red glasses - At Swapping Red Aleksandra Kalashnikova

On November 4 we swapped seeds, and hopefully you held on to your unwanted Sinterklaas presents, because we relieved you of those, too.

Monika van Dam traded massages every Sunday as well.

More information

Ruilen was open from October 20 to January 6. Wednesday through Sunday, from 13.00 to 18.00 in Mediamatic Fabriek.

You could trade free entrance for a chore like an hour of barkeeping or half an hour of vacuum cleaning. Otherwise it was €5,- for a temporary Mediamatic membership and free entrance to the exhibition and events for a month. Kids half price.