Paddestoelen Paradijs Second Opening Party

Two concerts, radioactive mushrooms, and mold fights

25 May 2012

At the second opening party we showed the new artworks and installations that have been growing in the exhibition. People joined us for an epic mold battle, and listened to mushroom- and mold inspired concerts by the DNK Ensemble and David de Buyser. Other organic tunes were provided by DJ Kristy Foom.


People listening to the Secret Sounds Of Spores - At Paddestoelen Paradijs second opening . Simone Schoutens


Mushroom spores concert by the DNK Ensemble

The Secret Sound of Spores installation has been making itself heard throughout Mediamatic Bank for a few months now. For our second opening party, Koen Nutters wrote an arrangement for the DNK Ensemble to accompany the sound of the spores. The DNK Ensemble is Seamus Cater on harmonica, Viljam Nybacka on cymbals, and Oguz Buyukberber on bass clarinet.


The DNK Ensemble - Mushroom concert at Paddestoelen Paradijs second opening Simone Schoutens

With: Seamus Cater

Mold-based synthesizer concert

David de Buyser developed a digital synthesizer called the F-Box that uses molds and bacteria to produce sound. David has revealed the synth for the first time tonight, and collaborated with Younes Zarhoni on the first mold-based synthesizer concert ever.


Mold-based synthesizer concert - At Paddestoelen Paradijs seconde opening Simone Schoutens

Mold fight

Visitors watched slime mold fight it out against our visitor's bacteria. We are already on our fourth round of fights. There was a small ceremony to crown the winners. Find out more about our mold stadium fights here.

Radioactive mushrooms

Last fall, Japanese photographer Takashi Homma ventured into the Fukushima forests with a Geiger counter in hand and a local guide. He picked about 100 specimens of mushrooms and set up a mini-photo studio right inside the woods to capture his findings. Ten photographs from this series are on display. Find out more about the photographs here.


People looking at the new installations - At Paddestoelen Paradijs second opening Simone Schoutens