Machinima competition

Make a machinima and win!

29 Sep 2006
16 Oct 2006

Were you able to make a snappy machinima in one week?
Could you do this without having any information about the subject until the contest starts?
Did you feel confident enough to show your freshly made machinima to a professional jury?
On this night the ones who answered yes to all these questions participated in the Machinima competition!

Organized by Holland Animation Film Festival, Mediamatic Foundation & Virma


Machinima competition at Mediamatic - Example of a machinima scene, in memoriam of Pacman.

Machinima is film made in the real-time 3D environment of a computer game.

Participants to this competition made a short machinima movie in the days between September 29th and October 16th 2006 and uploaded it to a special page at GoogleVideo before 24:00 hrs October 16th.

The jury criteria for this machinima competition was sent by e-mail on September 29th to everybody who wanted to join the competition. 21 Films were nominated by the jury and presented at the Holland Animation Film Festival preceding the award ceremony. The award ceremony was on November 2nd 2006 at the Holland Animation Film Festival in Utrecht, the Netherlands.


1) A main prize of Euro 4,000 for the winner of the competition.
2) GoogleVideo offered an Artist Page to the filmmaker whose film has the highest audience rating on
3) An encouragement prize of free participation to a Mediamatic machinima workshop and an allowance for travel costs for the most promising filmmaker.

Beside looking at technical aspects the jury searched for good ideas in combination with smart ways of making machinema films.

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The machinima competition has been made possible by the Mondriaan Foundation and GoogleVideo.