Premiere of Room Temperature

Movie screening

24 Feb 2008
24 Feb 2008

After 4 days of excitement and hard work during the making of a Bulgarian film, the results were presented.

Tonight was the premiere of the film Room Temperature.


Gil and Moti supporting their favorite curators. - At the premiere of Zhana Ivanova's "Room Temperature" Andrei Tchernikov

The Premiere

The film was named Room Temperature, and was directed by Zhana Ivanova (and many more) and everyone who visited Mediamatic during these 4 days was welcome to make their own appearance.

To celebrate the premiere, Room Temperature was not only shown to a huge audience but there was also Bulgarian live music, performances by Voin de Voin & Tammuz Binshtock and a closing party.

Photos and Videos

Photos from the party by photographer Andrei Tchernikov.

Zhana Ivanova & Room Temperature from Inge Willems on Vimeo.