Marc Boumeester


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After his studies he got involved in the process of film-making. Since the early nineties he has worked for various major television- and film-producing companies and realized over 60 products, varying from commercials and comedies to drama-series and feature films. In recent years he developed himself on an even more challenging level. Combining his affection for architecture with his knowledge of unstable media resulted in a number of (partly ongoing) experimental research projects involving groups of International master-students and researchers, situated in various countries around the globe.

Currently he is appointed as coordinator and lecturer at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, as developer/lecturer at the Delft University of Technology, Delft School Of Design department of Architectural Theory and as developer/lecturer at the Delft University of Technology department of Media-studies. This combination gives opportunity to further develop the newly found field of expertise, linking directly architecture and public space to the application of unstable media techniques in order to come to a better understanding and use of these forms of communication, also embedding them directly in the curriculum of the various educational institutions. Besides this he is working as a free-lance consultant. His networks span from the obvious directly work related to the more glamorous such as the International Art Experts Forum at the ARCO in Madrid.