Electro clothing and Dynamic Maps

Lectures by Nadya Peek and Jeffrey Warren, MIT Media Lab

17 Jun 2009

Nadya Peek showed how sexy weekend hacks turn into long term participatory design, and Jeffrey Warren talked about user generated mapping of urban wildlife, disaster regions and pollution levels.


Nadya talks about her love for robotics. - At the Electro Clothing and Dynamic Maps lecture at Mediamatic Bank. Alice Bodanzky

With: Nadya Peek

Electro Clothing

Nadya Peek taught several short wearable workshops this week at Mediamatic, and during her talk she presents some of the works that the participants came up with. The gap between these 4 hour hacks and highly designed electro clothing is closing, many large company designs are originating with users. How are users gaining more agency in the design process of wearables?
Nadya Peek is a researcher in the Computing Culture group at the MIT Media Lab.


Jeffrey Warren is working on a mapping tool that allows users to make custom designed dynamic maps ( So far he was worked on mapping the urban wildlife in Manhattan, disaster response maps for Vietnam and pollution levels in Reykjavik.
Jeffrey Warren is a researcher in the Design Ecology group at the MIT Media Lab.