Creative activism

Living creative activism in hindsight

10 Sep 2013

This Tuesday Robin Celikates (UvA) gave a lecture on creative activism. Also Betul introduced her proposal for a multimedia exhibition called True Story.


Robin presents - Robin Celiktas gives a presentation about creative activism at Çapulcu Tuesday #10. Deniz


For the last weeks we have been gathering at Mediamatic to talk about the situation in Turkey and brainstorm possible actions in Amsterdam. What can we do from Amsterdam, how can our voices be heard? Join us for an evening of discussion beginning with dinner at 7pm.

The upstairs of the Mediamatic Fabriek is now empty and ready to be filled by Park participants. PARK is a project initiated by a group of people who felt an urge to contribute to the protests in Turkey. Check the project proposals so far here.

More information

Time: 19:00. Location: Mediamatic, VOC-kade 10, 1018 LG, Oostenburg Amsterdam. Free dinner for participants.