Public Insight: Twijfel Zaaien

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23 Aug 2015

Who's Jasmin? What's up with these 30 questions? And what's that Dijkspark everyone is talking about? Meet the makers of Twijfel Zaaien: the public art installation that is currently on display at Mediamatic. Together with Jasmin Moeller and Willem Velthoven (founder of Mediamatic) we will raise doubts together and take a closer look at the installation and its surroundings.

Do you want to help with the creation of a beautiful flower infographic? Send you registration to


Carlo and Ruud planting flower seeds at the opening of Twijfel Zaaien - Planting flower seeds at the opening of Twijfel Zaaien. The seeds will grow out to become a growing infographic. Xiang Yu Yeung

Twijfel Zaaien

Are you fundamentally lonely? Do you break taboos? Join us and start Raising Doubts (Twijfel Zaaien) in Amsterdam's newest hotspot: Dijkspark. Thirty questions about life and art lead you along the green walkway. You answer these questions by sowing flowerseeds. This way your answers will grow out to become part of a lush infographic. And you will get to know what type of artist you would have been!

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Casting Doubt seedcard - Close up of the Casting Doubts seedcard filled with 60 different seeds. Xiang Yu Yeung


Public Insight: Twijfel Zaaien
23 August 15:00 - 16:00
Tickets: Exclusive for members of We Are Public.
Incl. bubbels, Twijfel Zaaien answercard and Mediamatic Lidmaatschap
Reservation: mail to, subject "Twijfel".

Mediamatic Biotoop, Dijkspark 6, Amsterdam

Twijfel Zaaien is made possible by

Gemeente Amsterdam, Het Mondriaan Fonds, Creatieve Industrie, Stichting Stokroos, AKV St. Joost, Tuin Joop,Cruydthoek,De Godin,Bolderik,Silene,123 Zaden,Velt,Zaadhof, De Nieuwe Tuin and Seed Care.


Sponsors: Amsterdam, Stimuleringsfonds, Mondriaan Fonds - Three of the sponsors of Mediamatic.


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Op September 12 we will celebrate the big opening of Dijkspark. Stay tuned for more info.