Concepts for Social RFID

Mediamatic Workshop at Recalling RFID in De Balie

20 Oct 2007

This workshop was all about the following question:

Which objects in public or private space can become richer social objects by adding the specific possibilities of RFID?


Go Play with your Tag @ Mediamatic - picnic07 25 t/m 29 september: Tijdens Go Play with your Tag toonde Mediamatic tijdens Picnic 07 de nieuwste culturele RFID toepassingen. Deze werden het resultaat van het door Mediamatic georganseerde Hackerscamp voorafgaand aan Picnic. Duizenden Picnic bezoekers gebruikten de Photobooth, de Friend Drink Stations, de I Tea, the Badger en de Racket reader. During the Concepts for Social RFID 25 t/m 29 september 2007, Westergasfabriek Marieke Bijster


During this workshop, we worked on concrete proposals for relevant social RFID projects. Proposals for projects that brought the social web into a physical space (or make the physical space part of the social web) were developed in a series of central sessions, brainstorm sessions, and field research trips.


Workshop facilitator is Klaas Kuitenbrouwer (Mediamatic), who led various workshops on social and cultural applications of RFID, and also put together the RFID & Physical Computing Hackers Camp at PICNIC'07 and initiator of Go Play with your Tag!, the RFID event for PICNIC visitors].