'Me trane gaan overal'

Internet sensation Dushi Kimberley. Exhibition and opening party.

8 Apr 2011
10 Apr 2011

‘Me trane gaan overal: The Dushi Kimberley Experience’ took place on April 9 and 10. Opening party was on Friday April 8. The exhibition offered a unique insight into the life of Rotterdam based Kimberley K., whose online iconic cult reputation grew through Twitter and Facebook. Besides works that had been previously released on the internet, the exhibition featured extraordinary memorabilia and more than 10 artworks made by Dushi Kimberley herself. For the first time ever, Dushi Kimberley took the step from online to offline. And Dutch newspaper De Pers wrote about it.


Dushi Kimberley - Me trane gaan overal official poster - Op 9 en 10 april vond ‘Me trane gaan overal: The Dushi Kimberley Experience’ plaats. De overzichtstentoonstelling gaf een kijkje in het leven van de Rotterdamse Kimberley K., die door middel van Twitter en Facebook in korte tijd uitgroeide tot online cult-icoon Karolien Buurman

About Dushi Kimberley

Four years ago Kimberley K. started writing columns about her life. When she started to put her sometimes controversial views about the world, and news facts about the Dutch Rich 'n Famous on Twitter and Facebook, her success was an instant fact. In the meantime Kimberley has acquired thousands of friends and followers, her website is running at top speed, and rumours are there might be an animation series coming up.

More information

Mediamatic Bank, Vijzelstraat 68 Amsterdam. The entrance on the opening night was free. Tickets on Saturday and Sunday cost € 5,-. Writers Hanna Bervoets and Renske de Greef delivered Kimberley an audiovisual ode during the opening party. Television producer Maxim Hartman opened the exhibition officially.