Over Datum Eetclub 18

Pakjesavond with Hanne Bijl

6 Dec 2011

Just like our lovely southern neighbours, we celebrated pakjesavond on the 6th of December. But unlike a traditional Sinterklaas feast, we could leave our shoes on and skip the tapes with children's choirs. The excessive consumerism that characterizes the last month of the year was smothered in expired food and all kinds of edible packages, served by chef Hanne Bijl and her companions.


De eetbare pakjes van nori, courgette en filodeeg - Foto genomen bij Over Datum Eetclub 18 . Govert de Jong



After a long career working for various restaurants, Hanne's currently sporting a 'cook at home' gig, while also working at Uit-gekookt. From a tapas demonstration to a special dinner at home for your mum, Hanne does it all. This night Hanne cooked with Stijn Vluggen and Ranni Mazliah.


Hanne geeft uitleg over het eten - Foto genomen bij Over Datum Eetclub 18 . Govert de Jong

With: Hanne Bijl


Groene salade met een dressing van rode bieten en sinaasappel - Gemixte salade bij de Over Datum Eetclub 18 . Govert de Jong


The theme of this Over Datum Eetclub was illustrated during the first course. Hanne decided it would be a good idea to wrap expired food in edible wraps. So we could have our own 'pakjesavond.' After we sipped our glühwein, the beautifully looking edible packets were served on the buffet. We could choose between packets made out of nori filled with pumpkin puree. The filo pastry was filled with goatcheese, Mediamatic mushrooms, salami and nuts. Leek leaves served as a wrap for marinated carrots, and inside the puff pastry you could find couscous, different sorts of cheese and sesame seed. The grilled zucchini consisted of stir-fried vegetables and soja. A green salad with a delicious salsa made of beetroot and oranges was served at the tables. And that was only the first course!


Het dessert: chocolade cake met chocolade saus en gemarineerde banaan - Foto genomen bij Over Datum Eetclub 18 . Govert de Jong


Nikki met een grote pan over datum chocola - Foto genomen bij Over Datum Eetclub 18 . Govert de Jong


After all the packets were eaten, we could line up for the second course. A potage: potatosoup with all sorts of herbs. In the middle of every plate a cabbage leaf stuffed with mushrooms, nuts, couscous and peanutbutter was served. Like a small island floating in a delicious sea. Dessert consisted of a chocolate cake smothered in hot chocolate sauce and marinated bananas.

More information

Over Datum Eetclub took place at Mediamatic BANK, Vijzelstraat 68, Amsterdam. You can find the portraits that were taken on this website. Next Over Datum Eetclub will be on the 13th of December.