Over Datum Eetclub 19

Improvise! with Hiske Versprille

13 Dec 2011

Insecurity and fear effect us in these current days of economic crisis, the demise of the euro, and the prophecies about the end of the world. But insecurity provides an opportunity for creativity, says our chef Hiske Versprille. We can't always know in advance what will happen, so we'll have to improvise. The same goes for the kitchen of the Over Datum Eetclub, where we don't know what will be served until the evening itself!


Hiske Versprille bij Over Datum Eetclub 19 - ODE 19 - Onderdeel van Over Datum Eetclub. Anna Meijer


Hiske loves food and used to cook in restaurants all over London and Amsterdam. Nowadays she is a journalist, but never gave up her passion for food and cooking, writing about it on her blog. Escaping the written word for one more night, she dived back into the kitchen at our Over Datum Eetclub. If you love her food as much as we know you will, then you can get a second helping on the 17th of December when she'll be cooking a big benefit dinner for on-line magazine Hard Hoofd.


Handen uit de mouwen voor een groene salade - ODE 19 - Onderdeel van Over Datum Eetclub. Anna Meijer


Line-up voor de soep - ODE 19 - Onderdeel van Over Datum Eetclub. Anna Meijer

The evening

This Over Datum Eetclub we were blessed with a shopping cart stuffed with expired bok choy. There was also no shortage of chocolate, bread, prepackaged salad and wok vegetables. But what can you make out of all that? Hiske, with her great improvisation skills, looked around and made up a plan. The bread was placed in the oven with some garlic and a nice soup was made in the big pan with black pasta, fresh herbs and Mediamatic mushrooms. Big bowls with fresh green salad were placed on the tables, after which we could join the row for stir-fried bok choy and the typically British dish bubble and squeak. That is a kind of fried stew with loads of vegetables in it (mostly the left-overs from the day before). For dessert Hiske created a chocolate milk bread pudding, stewed pears and a banana milkshake.

More information

This was the second last Over Datum Eetclub. Do you want to join the last edition? Make sure to RSVP! Over Datum Eetclub takes places at Mediamatic BANK, Vijzelstraat 68, Amsterdam. You can find the portraits that were taken during this evening here.

Special thanks to

Organic Food For You - Vijzelstraat
Marqt - Utrechtsestraat
Estafette Biologische winkel - Ceintuurbaan
Bakkerij Klopper en Stolk - Amstelveenseweg


Broodpudding met chocolademelk - ODE 19 - Onderdeel van Over Datum Eetclub. Anna Meijer


Bubble and squeak en paksoi - ODE 19 - Onderdeel van Over Datum Eetclub. Anna Meijer