Aquaponics: Making the shopping list for the first system

Aquaponics Meeting #3

10 Apr 2012

On tuesday the 10th of April, the Mediamatic Aquaponics Group comes together for the last discussion meeting before we head to the hardware store! :-) Building week end is 14/15 of april!


IBC Aquaponic System initial set up - DIY Aquaponics System can easily made with IBC's (industrial bulk containers). This image is just the arrangement of the containers, next step will be connecting the piping and syphons. Found on Aquaponic Fun, a really nice and informative blog by the Jordans, a family that started in 2011.

If you have any technical information that you want to share with us before the meeting, so that we can present the most complete parts-list inmaginable, please contact me at Or just post it in the comments!

The meeting will start at 18.00 and we'll make sure there is a soup. If you want to help out with soup or have any other great idea for diner, let me know ;-)

See you tuesday!