Fish, Worms and Books

Aquaponics group meeting #6

1 May 2012

Tonight we'll discuss what kind of fish to grow and why. And where do we get worms?

Also, we've bought 5 books (Bernstein). can you all bring your book so someone else can take and read it?

RSVP here for Pizza.


Just planted in Aquaponics system #1 at Mediamatic Fabriek - Andijvie, Lollo Rosso, Sage, Krulandijvie, Lollo Bionda, Thijm, Laurier. En die smalle weegbree stond er al in. Out of sheer impatience we've just put a variety of leafy greens and herbs from the shop. Willem Velthoven

We have to order fish for our system one. Will it be trout, berch, tilapia or something else? Why? what are the reasons to choose and what do we want?

Also, we urgently need worms. Can we buy them in Amsterdam of do we have to go worm hunting in Waterland?

Shall we add ammonia tonight to #1 to accelerate the cycling process?

Whart shall we do next week end to finish the big system?

Who wants to become an aquaponics teacher?

Who wants to read Sylvia Bernstein's Aquaponic Gardening?

So many questions, so little time.