Mediamatic Eetclub: swap gifts over lunch

Prepare a 3-course aquaponics lunch with chef Andrea

30 Dec 2012

Forget the cold, wet weather and join us in our sustainable urban aquaponics farm. We've been growing loads of veggies and fish, and finally it was time to harvest. Celebrate the launch of the Mediamatic Eetclub with us. During our first meal together we enjoyed our homegrown oyster mushrooms. Chef Andrea helped us prepare comforting bruschetta, sassy soup, and heartwarming risotto. In between chopping mushrooms and grating cheese you could swap your unwanted christmas presents, so make sure to bring those along.


Aquaponics lunch at Mediamatic Fabriek - During the Mediamatic Eetclub Arthur de Smidt


The oyster mushrooms are growing fast in our aquaponics farm. For our first Mediamatic Eetclub this lovely product was be the main ingredient. Together with chef Andrea Sossi we prepared the following three dishes:
- Bruschetta with oyster mushrooms and a garlic and parsley dressing
- Oyster mushroom and white wine soup
- Groat risotto with oyster mushrooms and pecorino romano


Cooking homegrown oyster mushrooms - During Mediamatic Eetclub Arthur de Smidt


Oyster mushrooms grown in aquaponics farm at Mediamatic Fabriek - For our first Mediamatic Eetclub this lovely product will be the main ingredient. Arthur de Smidt


Andrea Sossi cooking homegrown oyster mushrooms - During the Mediamatic Eetclub Arthur de Smidt


We swapped presents and cooked together between 13.00 and 14.00 and sat down for lunch at 14.00.


Mediamatic Eetclub: swap gifts over lunch - Arthur de Smidt

More information

This was the first edition of Mediamatic Eetclub. Entrance fee for the lunch was €2,50 + membership. If you only wanted to join us to swap presents (between 13.00 and 14.0o) all you needed was a valid membership.

You can already become a Mediamatic member for €5,- a month. Members visit our exhibitions for free, and get unusually large discounts on our events. Just because we like seeing you around. If you'd rather not pay with money, you could earn a month's membership by doing chores around our exhibition space. Kids half price.

This event was part of Ruilen, an exhibition and series of events from October 20 to January 6. Open Wednesday through Sunday, from 13.00 to 18.00. For an overview of all Ruilen events, click here.