Alieke Rademaker


must - Categorie foute hobby; cliché collages maken met Paint

Celebrating the summer weeks in Amsterdam @ Mediamatic as programmer for the exhibition space.
Active in organizing music related events and writing a master thesis about evaluating (visual) arts events. Background in History (Bachelor).
With a pomping hart for the arts, for things that are ' on the edge' and combining them.
Always into to visit experimental exhibition/ parties/ dinner styles.

There is no story tolt, no questions got solved, no script. It s a piece of art to me in the shape of a 1,5 hrs during document . About the down under of ‘old money’; How it can end up if your job was ‘just being pritty’.How easy it is to blame the past. About how i would end up if i got chizofrenic, and also would be bold whith a mother like hers. And about that in everyone there is a Big and a Small Eddy, waiting for a ‘snap’ to set free.
I would like to hang it on the wall, and see it over and over again; the magic in Little Eddy wiping away the rubish, out of the film frame.

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