Mind Igloo Movie Nights

Bubble screening

14 Apr 2012

This weekend we had a bubble movie screening inside DUS architects' Mind Igloo. You could pick your spot in the giant balloon, get comfortable and enjoy the film about a hot air balloon. Furthermore you can still meet your energy avatar, walk around in an energy battlefield and lie on a radiant beach. The movie started at 21.00.


Mind Igloo Movie Night - Watching a movie in the Mind Igloo. Rory Hyde


More information

New Order is open Saturday April 14 and Sunday April 15 from 19.00 till 23.00. Both days, the movie started at 21.00. Entrance fee is 5,-. You can read more about the New Order installations here: Meet Your Energy Avatar, Energy Battlefield, Radiant Beach and Mind Igloo. Mediamatic Fabriek is situated on the Oostenburgereiland. Visit this page for directions.

Note: in case of heavy rain the movie will be cancelled. You can still visit the exhibition.

New Order is made possible by Mondriaan Stichting, Ministerie van OCW, Gemeente Amsterdam, SNS Reaal Fonds and Stadgenoot.


Entrance to Mind Igloo - Picture taken during the opening of Mind Igloo, the fourth installment of the New Order exhibition at Mediamatic Fabriek. Oostenburgereiland, Amsterdam. At the opening of Mind Igloo. At the opening of Mind Igloo. New Order, 6 april 2012, Mediamatic Fabriek DUS architecten