Biotalk: Algorithms from Nature

Biotalk 27 - with Gianluca Del Gobbo, Timo Dufner and Federico Corradi

17 May 2017

Are the algorithms of living matter also useful for digital arts? Could they for instance be used in live visual performances? And how? Mediamatic and the Live Performers Meeting invite you for this nerd Biotalk with Federico Corradi, Gianluca Del Gobbo and Timo Dufner. They will give us a glimpse of the potential of nature’s algorithms for digital art and illustrate this with a live audio visual experimental act.

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Biotalk: Algorithms from Nature - Chiara Barraco

The Live Performers Meeting (LPM) 2017 in Amsterdam is taking place from 18 to 21 May. During the festival visitors can attend workshops to learn and to build usable software libraries to use algorithms from nature for generative visuals. The workshops will be in RADION (in the Amsterdam Hacklab spaces) from 18:00 to 21:00 under the guidance of renowned visual artists and coders.

Federico Corradi (CH)

Federico is interested in the computation of biological nervous systems. His role in developing a new generation of computing technologies alongside his research into biological neural circuits will provide an interesting contribution for our exploration of the translation of biological phenomena to digital fields. 

Timo Dufner (DE)

Timo Dufner is a musician and visual artist in the field of media and information technology. His interest in the interaction of sound and image, real time processing, machine learning, live coding and software failures, or so called glitches, will contribute to answering the question of how translated biological phenomena can be applied artistically. Timo will be performing a live audio visual experimental act.


Live performance image by Timo Dufner -

Gianluca Del Gobbo (IT)

Gianluca is a teacher, a web developer, a software developer, a digital art-lover and a whole lot more. Today, he is also the curator and organiser of LPM, the Live Cinema Festival. A sure authority on digital art. 

Biotalk: Algorithms from Nature
Wednesday 17 May, 20.30
Mediamatic Biotoop, Dijksgracht 6, Amsterdam

Tickets: 7,50 pre-sale / 10,- door (excl. administration fee)

Students: 5,- pre-sale & door