DNK Ensemble + Kristy Foom and DNK DJ UNIT

13 Aug 2017

To celebrate the closing of the On&/Off the Grid Exhibition the DNK Ensemble plays:

Simultaneous / Synchronous (Song) (iii)
Seamus Cater / Koen Nutters / Martijn Tellinga
Instruments / Electronics / Field Recordings / Fire / Smoke
Voice / Speech / Text / Movement / Space / Momentum



Photograph by Florian Cramer -

The DNK Ensemble is a flexible group of artists centered around the (former) concert series for avant-garde, "down town", music, sound art, and performance: DNK-Amsterdam organized by Seamus Cater, Koen Nutters and Martijn Tellinga which currently lives on as the record shop: Nearly Not There Records and will soon be revived from it's slumber.

Tonight's performance by Cater, Nutters, and Tellinga is a new version of a piece they developed and performed for the art show: Things To Remember (Page Not Found) in 2016. It involves (amongst other things) memories, anecdotes, simultaneous remote recordings, and islands of slowly moving sound sustained by harmona organ, concertina and electronic tones.

Supported by The DNK DJ UNIT and KRISTY FOOM on the decks.