The Taste of Elder: Judas's Ear

A year of Elder: Zeger Reyers and Sander Nederveen

7 Mar 2019

Blossom, branches, berries and Judas's Ear: you can find all these ingredients on or around the Elder tree, the Sambucus Nigra. Artist Zeger Reyers and Brouwerij Oedipus follow the tree the whole year round, and as a result brew four seasonal beers with local ingredients of the Elder.



Beer served with straws made out of elder tree - Tia Török

The Taste of Elder

On this test-and-taste evening, we investigate the last ingredient of our year with Elder: Judas's Ear. What can you do with it? Zeger Reyers talks about his fascination with this so ordinary shrub and this edition Sander Nederveen deals with the ins and outs of brewing with this mushroom.

Zeger Reyers

In his work, nature is the driving force. Artist Zeger Reyers holds a fascination with overgrown nature that takes over our environment. The stories around the Elder, the most 'normal' tree, are centuries old and countless. In collaboration with the Oedipus brewery, Zeger captures the flavours and stories of elderberry in five different beers. Four times the taste of the season, resulting in the taste of the year in a cuvée.

Sander Nederveen

Sander Nederveen is brewmaster at Oedipus, a young Amsterdam brewery. Oedipus tries to brew beer for everyone's personal preference and for every moment of the day. With a personal preference for tasteful, dry beers without much alcohol. For the Taste of Elder Sander allows us to taste the first test-batch of elder beer and talks about the brewing process. How do you use different herbs and plants in beer? How do you achieve which effects?

Philipp Kolmann

Have you ever tasted a region? Philipp Kolmann created a limited edition of Jenever for De Smaak en Geur van Drenthe with notes that are typical for the Province of Drenthe such as buckwheat, potatoes and the Juniper bush. He will talk about the importance of history and locality, and he will take us through his layered creation!

De Smaak en Geur van Drenthe is in collaboration with Zarko Nesic commissioned by Stichting Kunst & Cultuur in Assen for their 25th anniversary.


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