Cabbage, No Cabbage

at FLAM Amsterdam

4 Sep 2018

First part of Mediamatic's winter programme Kool Kabbage, the performance 'Cabbage, No Cabbage' will be presented at FLAM Amsterdam. 

Tomislav Feller and Stefan Martin Schneider engage with cabbages in sonic manipulation, live costume collaging, along with embodied movement and a stillness practice. As such, they play with change and ephemerality while they harness the eroticism of waiting. 

This years theme is FLAM wild gardens. 


During the performance Cabbage, No Cabbage - Chiara Barraco

Tomislav Feller

Tomislav Feller (CRO) is a dancer/performer and choreographer based in Amsterdam. He graduated from the School for New Dance Development (SNDO) in 2010, and since then has been making collaborative projects, giving workshops, and exploring states of the body through movement. Mediamatic's cabbage surplus incited his new cabbage-engagement.


Tomislav Feller tijdens Cabbage, No Cabbage - Als onderdeel van ons winterprogramma Kool Kabbage wikkelde Tomislav Feller zich in witte kool voor zijn performance Cabbage no Cabbage.  Chiara Barraco

Stefan Martin Schneider

Stefan Martin Schneider (AT) is a musician, sound designer, performer and vegan cook based in Amsterdam. He works mainly with choreographers and artists from the field of experimental dance and theatre, performance, installation and video art, presenting work at various festivals in the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Sweden, Lithuania and the UK. In Cabbage or No Cabbage, for this collaboration with Tomislav Feller, he performs live sound.


Cabbage, No Cabbage
Tuesday 4 September
FLAM Amsterdam