Fruitition + Cake Space Great Again

Night Garden 13 - with Dance Divine + Elisa Lind and Beauty

6 Apr 2019

Come witness narratives of voice design and movement, with blooming improvisation lead by the space!

This Night Garden we have special performance + concert by Dance Divine & Elisa Lind.  

Dance Divine + Elisa Lind

Dance Divine started with Diana Dobrescu’s love for musical digging, soon giving life to a hybrid musical project. Spinning into an adventurous cosmo-story concept, based on singing playgrounds and electronic sound-shapes. Revolving into versatile work nourished by the home-made costumes of
Diana. As a hybrid foetus of pluridisciplinary arts, the project, born in 2017, grows in different fields, keeping an eye on the counterpoint between party, culture and politics, while concerned with the will to synthesize sounds. In
June 2018 she released her first self-produced LP ‘Cake Space Great Again'

Inspired by spiritual spheres Dance Divine guides confusion to a healing process of the soul, giving birth to immaterial fruits; in other terms, I base my approach on an emotional and sensitive voice design to reveal the own spin& speed of the spectators
The performance comes as a natural dialogue with performer Elisa Lind, also blooming into improvasitional elements according to the space. 


Better known as Patrick Hameon is an Australian/French/American electronic music producer and musician. He is one half of the electronic duo, Capre who are set to release their second E.P. later this year. He has been working with sound and visual art for almost a decade and is currently working on an A/V show. The solo show is a percussive electronic blend of textures and sounds.

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