Presentation: Isabel Burr Raty

Finissage Beauty Kit Female Farm 0.3

with Isabel Burr Raty

18 Aug 2019

The Beauty Kit Female Farm 0.3 is a long durational body art performance happening in the Sluisdeurenloods at Mediamatic Amsterdam. Together with a group of facilitators, Isabel Burr Raty will mentor a group of female participants into a bio-autonomous female farming system. To celebrate the farm's conclusion, we will present a finissage of the space with a tour. After the tour, audience is invited to stay for drinks and a bonfire.

Entrance is free of charge. Please click attend on our Facebook event.



Visitors during Q&A session - Anne Lakeman

Between the dusk of the 10th and dawn of the 18th of August 2019, nine participants and five facilitators coming from: The Netherlands, Rumania, France, UK, Chile, Belgium, Austria and Germany join a life changing project. The farm program teaches participants how to harvest their sexual juices and manufacture transpersonal unisex cosmetic products with them. The activities they do combine contemporary and ancient techniques designed to enhance the vitality of sexual fluids. During the tour, the farm "patrona" opens the door to visitors that are curious about the project and would like to find out about the cognitive-pleasurable and eco-friendly activities carried out during the farm. 

The tour of the farm will consist of an introduction of the project by Isabel Burr Raty and time to explore the farm space in its aftermath. The tour will end with a lengthy Q&A session. After the tour, audience can join the finissage with drinks and a bonfire. 


Beauty Kit Female Farm 0.3 - Public tour / Finissage 

Sunday 18th of August

18:00 - 20:00

Facebook: Please click attend if you want to join

Mediamatic Biotoop, Dijksgracht 6