Precious Burden

by Asefeh Tayebani

11 Dec 2019

Having a mental disability is challenging. To cope with it in daily life is extremely challenging. How easy or hard the life of someone with a mental disability is, depends largely on other people's understanding and actions. Asefeh strongly believes that being seen and feeling you matter will empower her as well as other people with mental disabilities, making them feel safe enough to come out with their handicap.

To experience this work, you are welcome to join the Open Tour on Fridays at 16:00.


Precious Burden, 2018 - by Asefeh Tayebani

Asefeh Tayebani

Asefeh Tayebani makes objects that have been assigned a specific purpose, but presents them as something else. Introducing materials as metaphors or objects as symbols, is a focus in her creations. Her work is often characterised by a dash of dark humor; an effective tool for delivering her concept in the form of the delicate, detailed objects she makes. Asefeh enjoys the incongruence between this dark humor and serious time-consuming handmade objects. She makes jewellery not simply for decoration, but as an extension of the body. Asefeh is fascinated by the way people handle things - their gestures - inspiring her to make hand-related objects, often detailed jewellery-like works; small objects that require time and preparation.